The Tsukuba Botanical Garden

The Tsukuba Botanical Garden was opened in 1983 as a botanical research center of the National Museum of Nature and Science. The mission of the Garden is to investigate and conserve plant diversity, and to raise awareness regarding the world of plants and its value for our own existence.

Department of Botany

The Department of Botany conducts research using molecular phylogenetic, morphological, and gene analytical methods to understand better the diversity, phylogeny, and evolution of all non-animal organisms such as plants, algae, and fungi.

The operations of the Department are divided into the following three Divisions:
  • Land Plants Division (seed plants, pteridophytes (ferns) and bryophytes (mosses))
  • Fungi and Algae Division (algae, fungi, lichens, slime molds)
  • Plant Diversity Analysis and Conservation Division

For detailed, see Research page.